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Ballistic Detail prides itself as a premier service provider for local boat owners.  Whether its a ski boat, Pontoon Boat, or House Boat, we can take care of of your vessel through our mobile service in the Sacramento, El Dorado and Placer Counties.

Boat Detailing Process

Initially we begin by doing a thorough detailing of the interior. This includes a
sanitation of all surfaces as well as a wax and polish of the sleek surfaces. We then
continue towards the exterior by going through a simple rinse on the boat’s exterior to
remove any loose debris or grime from the surface. This ensures that any particles are
removed to prevent scratching or marking during the more in depth portions of the
detailing process.

Then, using our specialized boat sanitizing agent that is safe on all surfaces
including Vinyl, Fabric, and Gelcoat, we lather the exterior and in order to really dive in
and agitate the lower, more settled grime. Of course, any reputable boat detailing
should include a buffer. So our veteran crew gets to work using an advanced rotary
buffer to remove oxidation and prepare the surface of the boat for the final waxing stage
of the detailing process.

For the last stage of the process, we utilize a waxing agent optimized for the
exterior of boats and specially formulated to deal with the increased contact with water
that a boat experiences compared to a car. We then skillfully apply it to the outside
surface of the boat. While certainly being a boon for aesthetic purposes, waxing not only
shines up the surface to make it more attractive but also protects the surface against
debris and grime, meaning you will be required to detail it less often.
For the best Boat detailing in Roseville, there is no better option than the
experienced specialists at Ballistic Detailing. Contact us today.

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