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Ballistic Detailing is a local detailing expert specializing in interior detailing.  We provide great detailing services for different forms of transportation. If your vehicle’s interior is dusty, grimy, or dirty, we can implement procedures to make it look like new. During all interior detailing jobs, we use sprays, soaps, and vacuums to eliminate contaminates that decrease curb appeal.

Our high end services are oriented toward vehicle owners looking to restore in the interior of their vehicles to a new level of shine.  Our technicians spend anywhere from 2-3 hours working on your interior during this service package and ensure that we clean all the small nooks and crannies of your vehicle to remove debris, dust and stains as best as possible.

Our Interior Package:

Car: $145+ 

Truck/SUV: $195+  

RV: Call for Quote

  • Vacuum/Shampoo
  • Hot Water Extraction (Carpets, Cloth Seats)
  • Leather Cleaned and Reconditioned
  • Plastics Deep Cleaned and Protected
  • Includes Headliner Cleaning!
  • Air Freshener (optional)



The surface cleaning portion of a detailing job has multiple steps. If a lot of debris is on the floors, we’ll suck up the particles with a powerful vacuum. To extract debris on and around seats, you’ll use vacuum attachments that can effectively access nooks and crannies. For windows, we eliminate streaks and water spot with commercial-grade glass cleaners. Before ending the entire cleaning phase, we’ll also wipe down

  • The console
  • The steering wheel
  • The doors

Stain Removal

As a professional detailing crew, we scrub away stains on upholstery and carpeting on a regular basis. To produce the best results, our teams use strong scented shampoos that break down stains on a microscopic level. If a carpet has a spot that’s brittle and dry, one of our technicians will deep clean area. Our deep cleaning procedures are highly effective, which is why all heavy soiled upholstery that gets the treatment feels soft and clean.


The detailing portion of the job requires a lot of patience and dedication. We never rush during this phase because precision is needed to properly extract dirt and grime on small surfaces, corners, and seams in a cabin. The following areas are targeted during detailing routines:

  • Door jambs
  • Console gaps
  • Controls and buttons

Whenever we encounter grime in very narrow gaps, we spray compressed air. The powerful air blast helps us remove debris that’s lodged in hard-to-reach spots.

If some surfaces in a cabin appear dull, we’ll apply a wax or polish to restore the shine. Consistency matter to us, which is why we always apply even layers to ensure a bold sheen.

Mobile detailing is a great way to make land, air or sea equipment more appealing before a sales routine. Check out our mobile detailing service to protect and preserve upholstery and paneling in a cabin.

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