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Window Tinting Service

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Window Tint Installation

Window tinting is a service whereby we apply a special film or coating to your vehicle’s windows, whether on an automobile, truck or RV to prevent a certain spectrum or volume of UV sunlight from passing through the glass. Most vehicles already have some form of window tinting, but the level of tinting applied during the manufacturing process varies.

The level of such tinting is generally light in order to adhere to state laws.

Tinting of windows in cars, trucks, and all road vehicles is regulated by local laws within each state in an attempt to balance driver comfort with automobile safety.

In instances where your auto is not manufactured with window tint, you can choose to have your windows tinted to keep out UV rays.  Having a professional company like ballistic Detailing install your window tint, will ensure all state and local laws are abide as well as ensure proper installation.

Failure to properly installed the window tint can damage the glass, and results in bubbling of the tint film.

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