How to Protect Your Vehicle Surfaces during The Winter Months.

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As winter sets in, many of us will take precautions with our car and driving. We will slow down, extend our journey times, check our tires and even replace them with winter tires if needs be. This level of protection is intuitive. One area people sometimes neglect, however, is the protection of the exterior surfaces of your car. You may not realize just how much impact the cold months can have on your car’s surfaces. It’s a world of abrasive, scratchy danger out there! Fortunately, we have prepared a simple guide below with tips on how to give your car the paint protection and general surface protection that it needs in winter.

1.Pre-emptive Action: Consider Ceramic Coating

You may have heard of ceramic coating. It’s a process by which a clear coating of liquid polymer is applied to the car’s surface. The polymer bonds chemically with the existing paint, forming a protective layer that is resistant to chemical contact. Once your car is ceramic coated, it’s like you’ve applied a lasting shield to the paintwork. Not only is this method lasting, but it makes your car easier to clean since it helps maintain a super-smooth finish that dirt just can’t stick to as easily. The process can take anywhere from one to five days to complete, but your investment of time will be rewarded with protection longer even than wax can offer.

Winter isn’t just snow and ice, it’s cold dirt, gravel, slush and road salt. What’s more, it’s being thrown about by traffic wheels constantly. Your ceramic coating will provide a durable protection that prevents corrosion, scratching and other problems.

2.Pre-emptive and Continuing Action: Car Wax

If ceramic coating seems like overkill to you, then the classic approach of car wax is still a reliable step to take to protect your car’s paintjob from the worst excesses of winter. The dulling effect of the cooler weather on paint and shine can expose your vehicle to the risk of rust and oxidation. A pre-emptive wax job before the coldest months arrive is a sure-fire way to build defenses against these problems. Though wax doesn’t last as long as a ceramic coating, it can still offer protection against things like road salt.

3.Regular Washing

Because the roads get dirtier than usual during the cold months, and because you have the added hazard of road salt and other harmful materials that do a number on your car’s paintwork, regular car washing is your other key line of defense. Take road salt, for example, it can build up on your tires, allow wheels, undercarriage and the lower surface of your car, which if left unattended will cause corrosion. What’s more, if you don’t rinse off things like gravel that get embedded somewhere, when you go to wipe the surface clean, it can cause abrasion and scratches.

4.Winter tools: Soft-bristle Brushes Only

If you have snow on your car or other fall/winter debris, especially in the mornings, don’t just pick up whatever is to hand to brush it off. Hard bristles and ice scrapers are abrasive and therefore not suitable to use on your car’s (expensive) paintjob. Ice scrapers are for your windshield, and hard-bristle brushes are good for getting tough ingrained dirt out of your car’s carpets and upholstery — leave them off your car’s paintwork. 

5.Shelter: Cover or Garage

If you have a garage, then its function of protection doubles in the winter as overnight shelter contributes a lot to paint protection. If you don’t use the garage for storing your car, it’s a good idea to make room for it in there at least during the winter. When spring comes around, you can put the car back on the driveway if that’s what you prefer. If you don’t have a garage or using it isn’t an option, then a car cover will serve your purpose as well. Protection isn’t as comprehensive for the vehicle, but the paintwork can at least be safeguarded against the winter weather.

In summary:

In the end, it’s up to you what lengths you want to go to afford your car the best-possible protection during the winter. Some solutions, like regular car washing and using a car cover at night, are simple and cost-effective. Others require more investment, but also have a much more lasting impact. There’s a reason that ceramic coating is listed first, because it is, in our view, the most effective and durable protection you can get. What’s more, it might not cost as much as you think, if you find the right detailer to help you with it! If you’re looking for ceramic coating in Roseville, then look no further than us! Call us today and book your car in for this great protective treatment.

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