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Please Note that our services are a premium service. Prices start at $175 for a wash only and require a quote due to the size and time needed to properly service the size of vehicle. Furthermore, RV’s that have been left outside and neglected will have serious paint deterioration, and in some cases we may not be able to restore the gloss and shine. Regular and proper maintenance and storage is vital to preserving your RV. Speak with a technician today to determine how we can help maintain or restore your vehicles glossy shine.

RV Detailing Service in Sacramento, Auburn, Roseville

Far from being simply an oversized roving cabin, a quality RV can serve as a
perfect retreat into the woods without sacrificing convenience, or even a permanent
home that you can take anywhere. However, like any and all vehicles exposed to the
elements, RV’s are susceptible to oxidation and dirt buildup; especially since the tires
and roof are so spacious and contain countless areas of concern when it comes to
grime, mud, and even bug collection.

While being a beauty to enjoy, the maintenance of RV’s can be daunting for
inexperienced individuals (or even experienced!) as there are so many aspects such as
the massive tires, roof, windshield, and engine/generator compartments. Not to mention
the interior, which can feature carpets, upholstery, porcelain restrooms, and even sinks.
Therefore it is most wise to hire a team of dedicated professionals to give the proper
care your RV needs, like the ones found at Ballistic Detailing and their RV detailing in

Recreational Vehicle Detailing Process

Our RV detailing begins with a skillful wash and wax, where we use top of the
line sanitizing and waxing agents which erases all the particles and chalkiness off the
surface of your vehicle, whilst simultaneously protecting your gel coat. We further
machine polish your vessel with our professional and sophisticated wax to make your
RV shine. Your roof and all your extra compartments are completely scrubbed and
cleaned from dirt and mildew and are left sparkling clean and fresh.

For extremely neglected gel-coats, even the most aggressive compounds will not
suffice to completely remove the oxidation build up. We use a process of polishing the
gel-coat to remove all oxidation and scratches. We follow that by a 2-3 step process of
compounding, to bring back the shine. Then we apply a glaze to polish your gel-coat
which removes any scratches or imperfections and prepares the surface to be sealed.
The process is finished with the application of a professional grade wax(3 months of
protection when properly cared for) or a gel-coat surface sealant — providing up to 4
months of protection and amazing shine for your investment. This service truly brings
RV detailing to a whole new level!

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Compounding is then used to remove oxidation, chalkiness and faded gel coats.
It will restore your faded color to its original brilliant luster. We only use top of the line,
quality compounds. Each compound is determined by the age of the gel coat and
condition. Some RV’s may need a light compound, as others will require a medium to
heavy duty compound. We use a 2-3 step process to bring your gel coat back to its
original condition.

With such a major investment and countless items needing to be checked for a
proper detail, be sure to contact the professionals at Ballistic Detailing to ensure the
integrity of your RV and its ability to withstand the elements and continue to shine.

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