Why Get a Ceramic Coating Detail? The Truth about Car Paint Protection

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Why Get a Ceramic Coating Detail? The Truth about Car Paint Protection

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One of the hot topics in the car detailing world is ceramic coating, sometimes with the added measure of “9H” which suggests the maximum strength level. You may have seen it yourself in pop-up ads, or offered by your local garage and detailing center. Even though you’ve seen its name here and there, it’s understandable that you might now know exactly what it is or what it involves.


In this article, we will endeavor to explain to you what ceramic coating is, the benefits of getting it and how it figures in the world of car paint protection.

Your car’s paintwork is one of the most vulnerable parts of the vehicle if not protected in some way. It is constantly exposed to the outdoors and nature’s fiercest elements — rain, snow, ice, sludge, road salt, mud, sand and all other contaminants under the sun. What’s more, a badly placed key in the hand while opening the door, a nail with a determined vandal, or other hard object can cause abrasions, scratches and worse. With adequate protection on your paint, you can mitigate much of this danger.

Until now, the chief method people have used to create a layer of protection on their paint has been through waxes and paint sealants. These are still popular and very affordable choices that require minimal training. Ceramic coating is a next-level product that upgrades existing protections to offer not only the same gloss and shine you get from wax, but also extra protection.

So, what is ceramic coating?

One of the reasons for all the hype behind ceramic coating is that it’s such an interesting concept to begin with. It consists of a liquid polymer that is applied to your car’s outer paint, which then bonds chemically with the paint, filling in all the tiny pores in the paint until it creates a smooth surface around the entire vehicle’s painted surface.

Ceramic Coating Application

Without any protection at all, the pores in your car’s paintjob are big enough and open enough for all kinds of dirt and other contaminants to get embedded in there. These are what can cause so many problems for the paint. When the ceramic coating is applied, it uses its nanotechnology to create a kind of “shield” effect, filling in the pores and leaving a smooth, flat surface on the top of the paint which deflects the many things that typically try to embed themselves in those pores. Because it uses nanotechnology, this layer is invisible to the naked eye.

You may have seen the amazing video demonstrations where half of a car’s hood is coated with the polymer and half is not, after which a bucket of muddy water is thrown on there. The coated half quickly reappears as the water sloughs off in quick order, while the uncoated side is now a total mess. The effect of the polymers can last for a very long time, with some products claiming to last up to 8 years. For many, a professional application done by a detailing professional could be the only time they have to have it done (and could cost upwards of $2,000). There are DIY application products, too, which offers long-lasting protection but are more affordable.

Why should you consider getting ceramic coating?

There are numerous advantages to be had from ceramic coating.

1. It will give your car that “showroom” shine

If you’ve always liked the glossy look that your car wax has been giving you all these years, you’ll just love the effect of ceramic coating. Not only does it outshine the wax on the initial application, but will last longer and keep that brand-new showroom look in a more durable way than any wax can.

2. It will make your car’s paint positively hydrophobic and mud-repellent

A wax might help reduce the embedding of dirt and contaminants in a short period, but it can’t match the hydrophobic and mud-repelling effects of ceramic coating. You may not see the polymer with your own eyes, but its effects are instantly visible as you see water beading and seemingly fleeing the car’s surface, and mud simply rolling off.

3. It lasts for so long

A professional application or DIY application will both give years of protection, with even a simple DIY product giving 2-3 years of cover. Compare that with a wax you’ve been using for years, applying every 1-2 months. One application could see you covered for a period dozens of times longer.

4. It offers additional protections

Besides stopping water and mud, the ceramic coating will protect against UV rays, which over time are the chief cause of discoloration and rust on your car. It will also offer some protection on any irritant chemicals that may get on there, certainly enough for you to quickly and safely clean it off before damage can be done.

What’s the verdict on ceramic coating as a member of the car paint protection line?

Every product has some limitations, but even when thinking of these, it’s impossible to deny the incredible advantage and lasting protection that you get when you apply ceramic coating to your car’s paint. The biggest pro point for ceramic coating is its long-lasting effect. It’s hard to imagine wanting to wax your car every 1-2 months when there’s a viable option that might give you two years or more of even more effective protection, not to mention making your car look like new every day. Ceramic coating also has the additional durability to help resist scratches, oxidization and other threats which while existing wax products can help a little, they simply do not compare.

 At first glance, ceramic coating may seem like either a lot of expense or a lot of extra labor just to cover the paint in something you can’t even actually see. The truth is, however, that there are significant and tangible benefits to be had for your car, and the initial expense is somewhat offset by the fact that protection is so long-lasting. While it’s not necessarily for every car out there, nearly all modern cars can benefit greatly from undergoing the process. You can learn more about our ceramic coating offers by contacting us today.


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